Tips For Protecting Pets During Fireworks



With summer officially kicking off tomorrow, the time for BBQs, pool parties and fireworks has arrived. This can be a stressful time for many pets, with the Fourth of July being the most likely day of the year for pets to run away and get lost. However, there are ways you can help ease their anxiety, and prevent accidents and runaways.


1. ID Tags and Microchips. Make sure the ID tag your pet is wearing contains updated and accurate information. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the microchip is registered and contains the correct information. SiliDog produces 100 percent silicone pet tags for pet parents looking for a new durable option. 


2. Bring pets indoors. This should be done before the start of any noisy festivities or fireworks. Create a safe place for them to snuggle up with their favorite plush toy or blanket. Having a comfortable bed will also help pets feel safe.


3. Wrap them up. Pets react in the same way as babies when they are swaddled. Limiting their movements and covering them up eases their anxiety and helps keep them calm. Many companies are creating thundershirts or anxiety wraps for this purpose, including this one from The Company of Animals.


4. Cannabinoids. Hemp- and Cannabis-based pet products are becoming more mainstream. These products will not get your pets high, but rather aid in many health and wellness issues—including anxiety. Canna-Pet, a leader in hemp-based nutritional products, is donating over $5,000 worth of products ahead of July 4th to rescue partners, hoping to prevent lost animals this Fourth of July.


5. Keep them occupied. Providing distractions can help keep your pet’s mind off of the noises around them. Pet parents can fill a toy with treats for them to play with or play music to distract them. Planet Dog's new GuRu Ball has five nooks to hide treats in.


6. Stay with your pets. When left alone, pets are more likely to panic and pace around the house. Having a family member there to stay with them is more comforting than other options. When your pet is scared they are going to look for you.


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