Today’s Special: Guinea Pig Ice Cream



Everyone’s had that moment of shivering in the supermarket as they scour the freezer section for their ice cream flavor du jour. It’s a tough choice: you’ve got the usual suspects of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but you’ve also got the fun choices, such as vanilla-caramel swirl, mint chocolate chip and guinea pig—wait, what?


María del Carmen Pilapaña, a Bolivian entrepreneur who owns a small, two-table operation in Ecuador, is whipping those little rodents into a cold, creamy treats. In a way, it does seem like a natural next step in certain Latin American countries, given that cooking and consuming guinea pigs is already considered part of the culture.


To create the unique flavor, Pilapaña cooks and prepares a pâté from the guinea pig’s flesh, adds milk and cream and refrigerates the product until it reaches the consistency of ice cream. Surprisingly—or unsurprisingly, depending on your view—the concoction’s been a hit, and demand grows every day.


Pilapaña also offers beetle- and mushroom-flavored ice creams, with plans to expand her offerings to include crab, chicken and pork.


Disclaimer: We believe that guinea pigs are better as pets, not food.


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