Top 10 Pet-Friendly Companies in the U.S.



What’s better than a coffee break during a long workday? A puppy break, of course. That’s probably why June 21—aka Take Your Dog to Work Day—is a popular date among today’s office workers.


In fact, according to a new survey, many workers wish it was a year-round affair. The report, from Wellness Natural Pet Food, found that 65 percent of pet parents believe have a dog in the workplace is a good morale booster. A majority of respondents also think that dogs can be effective stress diffusers in the workplace.


With the increase in pet ownership, it’s not surprising that our four-legged friends are factoring into our employment decisions. Almost half of pet parents said that “pet perks” are crucial when considering potential employment. One in five millennials specifically noted that being able to bring their dog to work plays a big factor when considering a job offer.


“Studies have shown how pets can have a positive impact on our own health and wellbeing – from lowering resting blood pressure to reducing stress – but now people are thinking about how those benefits translate to the work environment," said Dr. Danielle Bernal, staff veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food in a statement. "With more companies realizing that pets can improve the working experience, more are going above and beyond to cater to our new furry officemates and make sure they are happy and healthy from 9 to 5."


In addition to the survey, Wellness Natural Pet Food released its third annual list of “America’s Most Pet Friendly Companies.” The top 10 of 2019 are as follows:


1. Amazon (Seattle)

2. Harpoon Brewery (Boston)

3. Trupanion (Seattle)

4. Ben & Jerry’s (Burlington, Vt.)

5. Contently (New York)

6. Procore (Carpinteria, Calif.)

7. Ticketmaster (Los Angeles)

8. PetSafe (Knoxville, Tenn.)

9. TripAdvisor (Needham, Mass.)

10. Purely Elizabeth (Boulder, Colo.)


To read more about each of these companies, check out the full report here.  


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