Turn Your Social Media Into A Selling Machine

Taking advantage of the opportunities Facebook and Instagram provide can spell more success for your pet business.



Congratulations pet retailers, you have become more social than ever before for your business. Your Facebook and Instagram pages regularly produce content via pictures and videos that is engaging and relevant for your business, you pay for social ads that help support your campaigns and, occasionally, you use Facebook and Instagram stories as you try to reach your ever elusive (and always mobile-connected) customers. Now what? Is your business ready to capitalize on the next social opportunity? If so, it’s time for social commerce.

Now, having an e-commerce shop isn’t the only way to sell to your customers via their online connections with your pet business. Simply put, social commerce can help you sell your pet products/services directly to your customers via your pet businesses’ social media platforms.

Sometimes referred to as “social shopping,” s-commerce occurs when your pet business uses its social media sites (and other social apps/tools) to create direct sales from your customers through your social media posts.

This selling opportunity is an easy one to take advantage of as more and more of your pet business customers follow or like your pages. It is a powerful selling tool as it can help your business connect with customers in a manner they already know and use tools that they are already familiar with.

When you’re trying to improve your social commerce capability, your job is to increase the effectiveness of the social posts/ads you’re currently creating to drive even more sales. Rather than sending users away, think of social selling as capitalizing on your customers’ desire to purchase when their enthusiasm for your product is at its highest after viewing content you have provided.

Let me now spend some time showing you how you can use those meaningful social media connections you’re continuing to create from your social sites. Here are some recommendations to help you implement—and improve—your social sales this year.

Use Your Customers’ Posts
Your followers share images of their beloved pets and how much they love them on Instagram every day. Create a path for your customers to share this information on your social pages to help spread the authentic word for your products/services. You can have them tag the brands that they’re using along with links to purchase them.

You can also ask your customers if you can share their content and repurpose it on your site as a powerful way to celebrate your community, improve product exposure and give your pet parent shoppers the confidence to buy from you. Once your customers agree to share their social media content for your pages (and who wouldn’t want to share cute pictures of their pets having fun?), make sure to share the content across your other communication platforms, including email, text messaging programs, store apps and your website.

Make Your Instagram Shoppable
For many of your pet business customers, Instagram is where they start their day. Creating show-stopping visual content to help these connected customers stop and engage with your pet business can help your page viewers go from being inspired to purchase motivated. Your job is to make it happen early and often! Here are a couple tips to make your Instagram posts drive sales.

• Create Shoppable Posts
Don’t forget to tag your photos with Instagram’s native shopping tags! It’s the quickest way to connect in-feed discovery to a product page. Instagram’s Shoppable Posts are the easiest way to start leveraging a social commerce strategy.

• Create Shoppable Stories
You can also make your IG Stories, arguably the most valuable on Instagram, shoppable by tagging products or using a relevant “swipe up” experience.

When you’re on Instagram, use strong calls-to-action. Drive your followers to the “link in bio” section of your profile—this will also them to browse your entire feed and highlights areas, such as products or services —cat, dog, fish highlights, etc.), as well as discover the new products you are now carrying and engage with other branded content you may have, such as blog posts or videos.

Build Around Micro-Influencers
If you’re already rocking your Instagram strategy and are ready to take it to the next level, try adding influencers to your Instagram repertoire. They are a cost-effective option for creating unique content, all while making an impact on your ability to acquire new customers. The job of an influencer is to provide content that helps connect your pet business with pet owners who listen to and appreciate what the influencers are saying. While some influencers are paid heavily for post, that does not have to be the case with your pet business.

You can test the effect of influencers by gifting product and/or services as payment to begin. When starting, make sure that you provide creative guidelines in order to help make sure that they are helping you achieve your goals. Don’t be too narrow here—they are good at what they do and need to communicate authentically with their followers. The job of your pet business influencer will be to create authentic content and engage their followers with content that generates excitement about your pet business.

It’s time to make your social media relationship with your customers even deeper and drive more sales. Using social commerce can help you get even closer to your customers AND make more money while doing so. Why not start today? 

Join Lynn Switanowski, President of Creative Business Consulting Group, as she presents Turning Your social Media into a selling machine at Global Pet Expo 2020. Lynn, aka the @petretailhelper will help pet businesses with tips, tactics, tools and turnkey solutions to drive more sales via social media and social commerce. Make sure to follow Lynn on Facebook and Instagram via @petretailhelper.


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