Versele-Laga Updates Nature Line



Versele-Laga’s Nature line of feed, snacks and roughage for small mammals got an update.


The mixtures for small mammals were overhauled based on global consumer insights, scientific studies, nutritional research and extensive taste testing. The new, complete and balanced feed range approximates the natural nutritional needs of different species.


Pet owners want what's best for their pets, leading to a push toward premium feed. In a survey, 60 percent of Western Europeans said that they take care of their animals the same way they take care of their children. In Germany, that percentage runs up to 75 percent. Ninety-five percent said they viewed their pet as a real family member, and 64 percent said they want products with ingredients that are closer to the feed sources found in natural habitats.


Versele-Laga developed the “tastes like home, feels like home” concept, overhauling product development and packaging.


The company changed the composition and the shape of its feed for all animals. The result is food full of healthy ingredients and more variation in flavors and textures, with unprocessed ingredients mixed with roughage and an absence of hard-pressed pellets. Artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and GMOs were excluded completely.


Fibrefood, a range of high-fiber feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, was developed for picky-eaters. It features a high percentage of grasses, including locally-grown Timothy hay and 10 other grasses and herbs.


To satisfy the continuous gnawing instinct and to meet rabbits' and herbivores' need for fiber, the Timothy hay range has expanded. Both pure Timothy hay, several products and vegetables ensure that each animal gets what it needs on a daily basis.


A range of snacks, seven of which feature a one-base ingredient of either proteins, cereals, fruit, nuts, berries, fiber or vegetables, are available to bring variation to a diet or compensate for deficits. 


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