What Cat Owners Need to Know About CBD



While dogs are a man’s best friend, a 2016 American Pet Products Association study found that, within pet-owning households, cats actually outnumber dogs (94 million to 90 million). Despite all those dogs versus cats jokes, this makes a pretty strong argument that cats are America’s favorite pet.

Even with these numbers, the market abounds with far more CBD products for dogs than cats— from treats to shampoos to tinctures. This may be why very few pet owners think about providing those same powerful CBD properties to the cats in their life, too.

Cats can struggle with anxiety and aggression, just like dogs. They are far more creatures of habit than their canine counterparts, and even the slightest change in routine, diet, environment or schedule can cause anxious or fearful actions, aggressive behavior, or even improper elimination. In fact, litter box issues and marking behavior are among the main reasons cats are surrendered to shelters each year.

And almost every cat owner dreads anything that requires getting a cat into a carrier, from veterinary visits to traveling. That may be one of the main reasons that, statistically, cats see a veterinarian less often than dogs, which can adversely affect their health and well being. Even simple grooming tasks like trimming claws can cause stress for both cat and owner.

Any product that can contribute to a daily wellness regimen would be a welcome option for cat owners looking to help keep their feline friends balanced. CBD is a great, natural option for pets of all kinds.

A large number of households that have dogs also have cats. It’s important to let pet owners know that CBD isn’t just for dogs. Paw CBD offers the largest selection of veterinarian-formulated products on the market to help support the well being of the feline family members as well! 

Current Paw CBD cat products include tinctures in two flavors (natural and catnip) and varying strengths, based on a cat’s weight. The company also offers CBD soft chews in catnip/chicken flavor and a kidney support formula in salmon flavor. There is also a calming tincture in blueberry for dogs, but cats can take it as well.

If pet owners are using CBD for their canine family members and are seeing positive results, they should be aware that their feline friends may very well enjoy similar benefits and consider trying some of the cat-specific products available on the market.

So, the next time customers are browsing for dog CBD products, make sure they know that all their four-legged family members can benefit from Paw CBD’s veterinarian-formulated products and show them the full line of Paw CBD feline favorites!

Visit pawcbd.com for the full lineup up of veterinarian-formulated products.


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