What It Means to Be a Responsible Pet Owner



It’s the response every parent gives a child who asks for a puppy or kitten—owning a pet is a big responsibility. But what does that obligation actually entail?


In honor of February being National Responsible Pet Owners Month, here is a quick list you can share with customers to remind them what it takes to be a pet parent, beyond just providing food and water...


1. Choose the Right Pet

Big decisions shouldn’t be done hastily, so take the time to research and select the best pet for your lifestyle. Consider factors like how much time you can spend out home; how active you are; how much room you have; and how much money you can budget.


2. Invest in Preventive Healthcare

Keep your pet happy and healthy by attending regular check-ups with a veterinarian and making sure Fido or Fluffy is always up to date with vaccinations. Also, avoid adding to overpopulation by getting your animal spayed or neutered.


3. Obey Local Laws

While pet regulations vary from place to place, the most common are cleaning up after your pet, licensing your pet and keeping your pet on a leash in public. 


4. Use Proper ID

In case of loss or theft, ensure pets are collared and tagged at all times. You can also utilize more permanent ID options, such as a microchip or tattoo.


5. Keep Pets Healthy

The key to a long life is a healthy lifestyle—even for pets. Help your pets stay fit by engaging them in regular exercise, selecting nourishing foods and keeping treats to a minimum. 


6. Show Your Affection

The best, and most important, part of being a pet parent is the relationship you build with your animal. So be sure to take time every day to bond with your pet via playtime, cuddling and plenty of belly rubs.  


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