What Pet Owners Don't Realize About Their Dogs' Age



Think your energetic dog is still a pup? Think again. Dogs are actually considered seniors on their seventh birthday, according to a new survey from Purina ONE.


The 2019 Senior Dog Owner Survey questioned over 1,000 senior dog owners across the U.S. about caring for canines in their old age. According to the survey, 83% of respondents do not know at what age a dog is considered a senior.


Other key findings of the report include:


• Only 17 percent correctly identified seven years old as the age dogs officially become senior animals.


• A vast majority (93%) said they understand that senior dogs still need regular activity. However, just 77% believe their older pooch gets consistent exercise.


• Many respondents (32%) wished their senior dog exhibited more energy; however, only 53% researched how to boost their pet’s liveliness.


• More than half (58%) were unsure if their veterinarian recommended a special food for senior dogs.


• Aging also ranked highly in the list chief concerns among senior dog owners.


"Like many other dog owners, I was surprised to learn my dog, Wacha, is now considered a senior dog at the age of seven," said Andy Cohen, celebrity spokesperson for Purina ONE.


Alongside the survey, Purina ONE has started a new 28-day challenge to switch to the company’s new line of senior dog food. For each new registration now through October 31, the company will donate $1 to Petfinder Foundation (up to $28,000) to aid senior dogs.


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