What To Do When A Pet Is Lost



Losing a pet is the worst possible scenario for any pet parent. Unfortunately, that nightmare is a reality for 10 million families across the U.S. each year, according to the American Human Society.


Since losing a pet isn’t 100 percent preventable, it’s crucial for owners to know what steps to take to help find their pet as quickly as possible. Here are four steps you can recommend to customers in the event of a lost pet:


1. Do a Thorough Search

If you think your pet is missing, the first place to look is around the home, in case they’re simply sleeping or hiding. Go through every room carefully—checking under beds, behind furniture and in closets.


Next, start patrolling the neighborhood both on foot and in cars. Call out the pet’s name, and maybe even bring a treat bag or favorite toy to shake and catch their attention.


2. Contact Animal Shelters & Hospitals

The more people that are on the look out for a pet, the better the chances of someone spotting it. Start with local animal shelters, hospitals, veterinary offices and control agencies to see if the lost pet is already in their care. If not, be sure to provide a description and check in regularly.


3. Post On Social mMedia

Use the power of the internet to spread the word about a lost pet. Create a post with the pet’s photo, description and contact information, and ask friends to share it. Many communities also have a page dedicated to missing pets, so reach out to the admins to see if they’ll help spread the word, too.


4. Canvass The Neighborhood

In addition to digital outreach, it’s also good to create old-fashioned “lost pet” flyers. Make them as eye-catching as possible. Be sure to include a current photo, any characteristic markings and multiple pieces of contact info. Put them up in local grocery stores, nearby parks, intersections and other heavily populated areas in the local area.


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