Why the American Rescue Dog Show is a Welcome Addition



While the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show may be the most famous dog event in the U.S., another competition is looking to put a different spin on things. The American Rescue Dog Show, hosted by the Hallmark Channel and Pedigree, highlights pups that were adopted from animal shelters or rescue groups.

The competition, which is in its third year, aired in two parts last week. Meant to be a lighthearted version of Westminster, which finished last week, the American Rescue Dog Show has 10 fun categories that include “Best in Wrinkles,” “Best in Snoring,” and “Best in Couch Potato.” There are even groups for senior dogs and canines with special needs, and the winner of each category goes on to compete for the title “Best in Rescue.” Most importantly, the American Rescue Dog Show allows mixed breed pups to compete, unlike Westminster.

This year’s “Best in Rescue” winner also claimed the “Best in Belly Rubs” title. Sugar, a black and brown mixed breed pup, was adopted from The Furgotten, an animal shelter in California. She was surrendered with her three puppies who were only one week old. After her puppies were adopted, she spent a year with a foster family before she found her forever home.

In order to honor the important work done by animal shelters, the American Rescue Dog Show gives $5,000 to the rescue each category winner represents. As “Best in Rescue,” Sugar got an additional $30,000 for her rescue.

Though the American Rescue Dog Show may be a little silly in its categories, it has an important message at its heart. All dogs, no matter their shape, size, age or breed, are deserving of a caring home and lots of love.


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