Why Pellet Litters Are the Ideal Choice for Pet Parents



Pet parents want to love their cat kids, not smell them. That’s why, when choosing a cat litter, most shoppers value odor control above all else.


Pellet litters can be a great alternative to clumping litters when it comes to odor control. Pellet litter also makes cleanup quick and easy. Simply skim out solid waste daily and refill with new pellets when needed. Superior odor elimination and easy cleanup—what more could a pet parent want?


Well, Naturally Fresh Cat Litter delivers both of these benefits with a pellet litter that is 100% natural. Offering seven times more odor control than other leading non-clumping litters, Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is made with a proprietary blend of the fibrous materials found only in walnut shells, which lab tests have shown neutralize odor better than other brands of non-clumping litters—including clay, pine, corn and wheat.


Unlike clay litter (which often throws off silica dust), Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is virtually dust-free, so cats and their owners can breathe easier. Plus, it doesn’t stick to paws, so it’s not tracked through the home.


Just like all litters in the Naturally Fresh lineup, the pellet formula sparks a cat’s wiring to bury their business in nature. It’s biodegradable, toxin-free, non-GMO and annually renewable, so it’s safe for pet parents, cat kids and the environment. 


Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is also ideal for small animals—including gerbils, rabbits and ferrets—as well as puppies.


Now packaged in a 10-lb. bag, Naturally Fresh Pellet Litter is for pet parents who value odor control, want a natural litter for their pet children, and are looking for an alternative to clay litter at an affordable price.


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