Why Small Businesses Need Support Now More Than Ever



There’s long been a call to arms about the value of supporting small businesses and emphasizing how mom-and-pop shops are the backbone of America. But in a time where Wall Street was bailed out (again) instead of Main Street, in a time where Black Friday overshadows Small Business Saturday, its time people fully embraced their locally-owned businesses.


Just recently, numerous small businesses that applied for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program struggled to secure funding while publicly-traded corporations received millions. Of course, the large companies were in their legal right—who wouldn’t apply for what essentially seems to be free money, if all the criteria is met? After some of those corporations read the room and gave back what they received, small businesses secured funding to buy themselves a couple more months, but not much more.


You don’t need me to tell you that small business owners are up against a lot, even in the best of times. For those who truly believe in Main Street America and want to see their peers, their neighbors, their friends succeed, their actions have to match their words. It’s no longer enough for customers to pop into their local pet store to purchase an item they don’t feel comfortable buying online while they get a notification from Chewy that their dog’s food has auto-shipped. For customers to truly support small businesses, they have to fully commit. Shoppers can’t pick and choose when to frequent mom-and-pop shops when it’s convenient for them.


In the face and aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more crucial than ever to support small businesses. America’s about to enter a period of rebuilding, so make sure your hard-earned dollars are well-spent by investing in your town’s economy. The Targets and Wal-Marts aren’t the ones who will be giving back and volunteering in their communities—locally-owned, small businesses will be.


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