Why You Should Stock Sustainably-Sourced Dog Food



As a society today, we are very aware of eating foods and using products that are sustainably sourced, but how does this healthy lifestyle extend to our pets? Good health starts from taking a deep look into the foods we are eating, and this certainly is true for our pets. Seeking a high-protein, sustainably sourced pet food with healthy ingredients plays an important role in the overall health and wellness of pets—especially dogs. 

Researching the nutritional label on the dog food you carry is very important. In particular, you should understand where the ingredients originate from and if they’re sustainability sourced. Just like with humans, eating sustainability sourced foods can have an impact on a pet’s health. 

“Sustainability in pet food ingredients is important in ensuring that foods are produced ethically, efficiently, and with the least environmental impact possible to keep dogs healthy and happy,” says Dr. Bradley Quest, DVM.

Essence Pet Foods is an example of a pet food brand that utilizes a farm-to-plate philosophy and utilizes sustainability sourced ingredients. The brand uses plant-based, locally farmed ingredients. The proteins in the Essence Ranch & Meadow recipe, for example, are antibiotic and hormone-free. 

“Antibiotic-free ingredients are important because there are studies that show that using antibiotics as growth promotants in livestock can contribute to antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans and other species,” says Dr. Quest. In short, these factors can have a positive effect on the health and well-being of dogs.

When it comes to protein and supporting the evolution of dogs as carnivores, it’s important they’re fed a high-quality, protein-dense diet. When taking the time to read the nutritional label on the dog food bag or can, it’s good to remember the first ingredient is the most prominent in the food. If you discover a dog food that has protein as the first ingredient—such as Essence—that’s fantastic. What’s even better is if the first four ingredients are protein, which means dogs will benefit from more than one protein source.

“Animal proteins are typically excellent sources of proteins for pet diets,” says Dr. Quest “Since each dietary protein has different amino acids that combine to make that specific protein, it can be good to combine different proteins in a diet to make sure your dog is getting what it needs nutritionally.”

Just like it’s essential for us to take our vitamins and eat fruits and vegetables, the same goes for dogs. It’s important that the dog food you carry contains vitamins, as well as fruits and vegetables. 

“Fruits and vegetables can contribute may healthy nutrients to a dog’s diet,” says Dr. Quest. “Many vegetables contain healthy antioxidants that are beneficial for the immune and nervous systems. Some fruit and vegetables are also sources of healthy fiber important for good digestion.”

At the end of the day, the importance of pet food companies practicing sustainability in the creation of dog food not only benefits canine health, it can also bring environmental benefits—which are equally as important. 

“Sustainability is important in pet food ingredients just like it is in human food ingredients,” says Dr. Quest. “To continue to supply and industry with healthy wholesome plant and animal ingredients while having minimal impact on our natural environment is something most people agree about.”  

Latasha Ball is the Marketing Coordinator for Pets Global, the founders of pet food brands ZignatureFussie CatEssence Pet Foods, and Inception Pet Foods. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations, in which she enjoys being able to combine her professional background with her passion for animals.


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