Will Coronavirus Forever Change the Pet Industry?



With the coronavirus declared a pandemic, businesses are having their employees work from home if they are able to. For pet parents, an upside to this situation means more time spent with their animal loved ones. It can also mean saving money on things like dog walking and day care, as pet parents will be around more to care for their furry friends.


However, there’s no doubt that the coronavirus has the potential to dramatically change pet care habits in a way that could negatively impact pet businesses. With closed stores, crowded supermarkets and recommendations to stay home, customers may be more likely to buy pet food and supplies online, putting brick-and-mortar retailers at risk. In addition to dropping services like doggy day care and dog-walking, consumers may also choose to forgo groomer visits and pet training classes in order to engage in social distancing.


Keeping these factors in mind, pet businesses may have to make difficult decisions in the weeks ahead. Dealing with the effects of the coronavirus could mean cutting hours, reducing staff or shutting down completely for a long period of time. Hourly employees are at risk of working and earning less, or even losing their jobs. For those who own businesses, the threat of lost sales and customers looms large and could mean closing for good.


The coronavirus has presented unprecedented difficulties for both people and industries, and it is unclear how long this pandemic will go on for. Considering these challenges, it is important to have empathy for those around us. It also means holding our pets a little closer and being thankful for the things we do have.


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