Will IKEA’s Pet Collection be a Success?




IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, now offers an accessory and furniture collection for pets. Aptly named “LURVIG, which means “shaggy” in Swedish, the collection includes beds, cat trees, carriers, bowls, toys, collars, litter boxes and leashes. The collection is available in the U.S., Canada, France, Japan and Portugal.


The IKEA design team put together the collection with input from veterinarians in order to ensure that the products are safe and appropriate for pets. The collection’s color scheme of gray, black and white can complement any room, though some products are available in bolder shades of green and orange. Items like blankets, pet bed covers and pads have simple patterns that also prevent clashing with décor.



Many of the collection’s offerings can also be paired with popular IKEA items. A fabric insert can be placed inside the popular KALLAX storage unit to transform it into a sleeping space for cats. A cat scratch mat from the collection can be wrapped around a table leg to turn into a scratching post. One of the most expensive items is a small pet bed meant to resemble the popular KLIPPAN couch. It even folds out to provide more room for sleeping and lounging.



With this new collection, IKEA has become even more of a one-stop-shop for household items. It’s unsurprising that this leader in big-box retail would want a piece of the $67 billion pet industry, but how will consumers receive this collection?


LURVIG capitalizes on the humanization of pets by including accessories that blend in with our own items, or, like in the case of the KLIPPAN couch, are actual miniatures of our stuff. If the common trend of wanting for our pets what we want for ourselves continues, then it makes sense that consumers would embrace this collection.



However, I think that LURVIG falls flat in some ways when it comes to how we care for our pets. IKEA is inherently associated with cheap, easy-to-assemble furniture that isn’t necessarily designed for comfort. By producing a pet collection that is just like its human counterpart—sleek, modern, utilitarian and affordable, IKEA has neglected the fact that while people want to treat their pets like humans, they also want to spoil them.



Nothing in the LURVIG collection says “luxury” or “comfort.” The pet beds have thin cushions. The cat house is small and spare. Even the plastic pet bowls have a dull, antiseptic look to them. And while it would have been off-brand for IKEA to pursue anything other than a no-frills, contemporary collection, it may have been a costly move. After all, do you really want your pet sleeping on a tiny version of that uncomfortable couch in your basement?


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