Will This New Drug Disrupt the Calming Products Market?



Just in time for loud New Year’s Eve fireworks, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new drug that treats noise aversion in dogs. The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine says veterinarians can now prescribe Pexion to treat dogs that react to loud noises by hiding, barking, whining, shaking, destroying furniture, vomiting or having an accident.


The introduction of this drug will most likely have little impact on the widening category of pet calming products carried by retailers, though. While Pexion may be exciting for some pet parents as an easy fix, others may be wary about its side effects. In a research study on the drug, some dogs taking Pexion experienced lethargy, vomiting, mobility difficulties and increased aggression. Pet owners also may not want to spend the time and money taking their dog to the vet for a prescription when they can more easily select less risky products from their local retailer.


For pet parents concerned about their dog’s reaction to loud noise, retailers can offer a variety of products that ease their anxiety. Our August issue explored the many options that pet owners have for both calming pets and modifying their behavior. From hemp-based products to health supplements, retailers can suggest natural remedies that can make holiday celebrations and thunderstorms easier for pets with noise aversion.


If pet parents are concerned about making their pet consume something, retailers can suggest products like the ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser, which spreads a calming pheromone, or a Thunderworks ThunderShirt. This garment calms pets by providing a soothing, swaddling pressure. There is also the newest category of pet-calming products, which comprises a wide variety of solutions made from hemp oil.


By being ready with calming product recommendations, retailers can keep pet parents shopping in their store rather than running to the vet for a prescription. With the holidays just around the corner, this knowledge is more important than ever.


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