Worldwise Partners With Dogs4Diabetics



Worldwise, Inc. announced its sponsorship of a dog and diabetic team in partnership with Dogs4Diabetics (D4D).


D4D is a non-profit organization that trains medical-alert assistance dogs to support insulin-dependent diabetics so they can live safe, normal lives.


The dogs trained by D4D use their sense of smell to detect an imminent drop in blood sugar in their diabetic partner, before it can be detected by any existing technology. The dogs warn their handler of the chemical change in their body before it becomes a serious medical issue.


“The peace of mind that D4D’s dogs provide both to patients and their parents is invaluable,” said Kevin Fick, CEO of Worldwise. “It is an honor and a privilege to sponsor this D4D team that will improve the lives of not just the teenage patient but his whole family.”


Not only do medical-alert assistance dogs improve the individual lives of their diabetic handlers, they directly impact the families who bear the brunt of supporting the patients in managing the risks of their disease.


The D4D medical-alert assistance dog that Worldwise sponsored was paired with a teenage boy that cannot feel when his blood glucose levels are running high or low, and when he ultimately figures it out, the result is wild swings in blood glucose levels. These swings are physically exhausting, frustrating, unhealthy and, in some cases, dangerous. The highly trained companion dog can detect these highs and lows approximately 20 minutes before they happen and alert the teenager that he needs to test his blood and adjust insulin levels.


With the support Worldwise, Inc., D4D can continue to train and place medical-alert assistance dogs with insulin-dependent diabetics to help avoid the acute risks associated with hypoglycemia, as well as to provide support services, such as veterinarian care, required for the working life of the dog. In addition, D4D helps develop, promote and advocate for standards of quality, performance, support and disclosure for all medical assistance dog teams across the U.S.


“Dogs4Diabetics estimates the direct cost associated with their dogs in training at $25,000,” said Christy Gillham, D4D’s director of development. “And that does not include the costs for the on-going support services provided to clients the working life of their dog. We are so grateful for partners that help us provide this care and help save lives.”


D4D is dependent on its volunteer staff, foster families who care for the dogs during training, and the medical professionals who assist in the selection and training of the dogs and in supporting clients. 


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