ZIWI Invests To Expand Venison Category in U.S.



Ziwi USA Inc. will reduce the price for its Ziwi Peak Venison air-dried range starting March 1, 2020, as a result of a reduction in New Zealand Venison prices. 

“Venison has been a flagship product for us in the past, helping to solve pet issues with food sensitivities and protein allergies. However, after years of cost increases, high shelf prices have depressed retail sales and customer profits. With a reduction in the cost of venison ingredients, we have chosen to reinvest these savings in lower retail prices to reignite this important segment within the Air-Dried category,” said Mary Helen Horn, president of Ziwi USA. 

“The new pricing will give retailers the ability to lower shelf pricing and help their customers to solve protein-related allergy or food sensitivity issues at a much more attractive price. With no change to the recipe, this nutrient-dense limited ingredient option has 4700kcal/kg and delivers a cost-effective daily feeding serving size amongst venison products. We see this as a three-way win. Pet guardians will be able to save more at the till, their pets will thrive on the benefits of this high-quality recipe, and our retail customers will grow sales and profits from this high-value product.”

Along with the price change, retailers can expect additional support from new point of sale and online advertising material to help drive awareness for the category. 

  • New price comes into effect on March 1, 2020
  • Same high-quality recipe, price drop is reflective of market supply not recipe reformulation
  • As a novel and exotic protein, ZIWI’s limited ingredient air-dried Venison recipe is an option for parents of pets with food and allergy sensitivities who want to try a high quality elimination diet. 
  • Venison contains 96 percent New Zealand sourced venison meat, organs, bone and green mussels. No glycerin, vegetables or other fillers.  
  • Highly nutrient-dense recipe results in a lower cost to feed compared to other venison recipes
  • Made in New Zealand with 100 percent New Zealand free-range Venison and sustainable seafood


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