ZippyPaws Creates Storybook Line



ZippyPaws created its Storybook toy line to help strengthen the bond between families and their pets.


Each line in the Storybook collection has an accompanying fantasy story. In the Unicorn Fairytale line, pets and their owners follow the adventure of Charlotte the Unicorn, a unicorn in search of her magical wand. The Fiesta line follows Liam the Llama, a curious and kind soul who helps family on a quest to find missing candy.


“I wanted to cater to the growing trend of humanizing pets,” said Jennifer Cao, co-founder, vice president and designer of ZippyPaws. “I recognized how often I treat [my dog] Kramer like my baby, and I felt like I wanted to create something special that would encompass both pets and owners as a family. We often embellish our pet’s personalities by doing things like giving them voices or placing them in imaginary situations. I sought to translate that playfulness and bond we have with our pets into something creative and purposeful. The two main characters of the Storybook line, Charlotte and Liam, are inspired by one of our employee’s children. I watched as (real life) Charlotte exclaimed her love for unicorns and 22-month-old William loved colors and fiesta-themed movies. These characters are not only fictional, but they take the traits of our ZippyPaws family members.”


“Millennials are changing what ‘having a family’ looks like,” said Justin Miccuci, director of operations. “They have proven to be one of the highest spenders when it comes to caring for their pets, something dog toy companies really need to consider. If Millennials are treating their dogs like their own kids, it only makes sense to approach our products in a way that would join Millennials in that idea. People tell us all the time that our toys looks like they are intended for kids, and they are [intended for kids], except these kids bark and have tails.”


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