Ziwi Looks Ahead to 2018



After receiving national and international acclaim in 2017 for several products in its expanding portfolio, New Zealand pet food manufacturer, Ziwi, is preparing for strong continued growth in 2018.


“Our commitment to clean, humane and sustainable New Zealand sourcing and our reputation for excellence has positioned us for continued success,” said Mary Helen Horn, President of Ziwi USA. “Today’s pet owners are highly informed about pet nutrition, and recognize the direct correlation between diet and pet health. They deeply care about what goes into their pets’ food, and are not willing to compromise.” 


The company sources free-range, grass-fed meats from local New Zealand farms, and wild-caught seafood and green mussel from companies that operate under the strict oversight of the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Primary Industries. These practices ensure both superior quality and eco-friendly sustainability.


Ziwi has plans to unveil several new innovations in the upcoming year. Additionally, the company expects to more than double its production capacity with the addition of a second manufacturing facility, which will be located in Christchurch on New Zealand’s southern island.


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