Welcome to the Neighborhood

When my family and I recently moved into a new home, I was astounded by the number of promotional mailings I received from a variety of businesses in my new home town.


It wasn’t a week after the deal closed when flyers began arriving from local drycleaners, take-out restaurants, independent grocers, home-repair and cleaning professionals, tax grievance services… the list goes on and on. We hadn’t even had a chance to update our extended family on our new mailing address and already our kitchen table was practically buried under correspondence from strangers who were hoping that we wouldn’t remain strangers much longer.


Of course, being the editor of a magazine devoted to the retail pet trade (and the owner of two dogs), I kept an eye out for mailings from local pet stores. Unfortunately, none of these retailers were among the piles of “Welcome to the Neighborhood” flyers—at least thus far. 


This was a missed opportunity for some independent pet specialty retailer. With all of the time and effort that I’ve been putting into moving, unpacking and renovating—not to mention getting ready for the holidays—I haven’t had the time to look for a new neighborhood pet shop to patronize. So far, the only pet retailer that I’ve seen around town is a Petco, and that’s because it’s located directly across the street from Home Depot, where I’ve been spending a lot of time lately.


While I will never respond to a majority of the direct mail that I received, I did find my new dry cleaner, Chinese restaurant and pizza place among the leaflets that arrived at our home shortly after we did. If a local pet shop’s flyer had been in that pile on my kitchen table, I probably would have already stopped in to check it out and pick up a few Christmas gifts for our four-legged loved ones.