New Year�s Resolutions

So, it’s the new year, and many people have made resolutions for 2010. I know this because the gym is now packed and it’s much harder to secure a treadmill. Most people make personal resolutions, to eat healthy foods, exercise, save money, etc. I made a few of those this year, but I also decided to make some professional resolutions. I encourage pet retailers to do this as well, since I have already seen a difference in my attitude and motivation level when I am at work.

If you need ideas for professional resolutions, try basing them on your personal ones. Saving money is a good way to start. Take a good, hard look at your business and come up with three ways you could save the shop some money over the coming year. Resolve to carry out these ideas throughout 2010, and keep track of how much the store is saving.

Retailers can also use New Year’s resolutions to market products to customers. Simply ask customers about their resolutions for 2010. If they have decided on a healthier diet, suggest one for their pet as well. Show them the sections of natural and organic diets for cats and dogs. If a customer has decided to start running or hiking, show them leashes and collars made for active pets and owners.

We all know that resolutions are much easier to keep when there you have a partner in crime. So not only will marketing this idea to customers mean a healthier lifestyle for the animals, it will provide the pet owner with a companion with which to reach their goals.

Happy New Year and good luck with those resolutions!