Brand Redesign at Retail

Several major manufacturers have recently undergone brand redesigns. Some of these have been major – they’ve overhauled their logo, their packaging, and/or their formula, while releasing new lines and products – while others have been on a smaller scale, doing one or two of the above but not all, or emphasizing a logo on packaging to help drive consumer loyalty.

So how can retailers ensure that when a manufacturer does an overhaul, large or small, that the transition goes smoothly in their stores?

One of the major concerns from a retailer viewpoint is customer recognition. Customers often develop a sense of loyalty to a specific brand and train themselves to notice that brand’s particular package design on the shelf. So, when a manufacturer redesigns its look retailers should make sure their customers aren’t left confused about the change.

Manufacturers will usually let retailers know before rolling out a new design – and stores should be sure to pass that information along to each customer who buys those products. Train staff members to mention the upcoming change whenever they ring that manufacturer’s products.

Retailers can ask the manufacturer for pictures of the new packaging that can be posted in the store near the existing packaging, helping inform customers that a change is forthcoming.

Third, retailers may want to post POP information or an image of the old packaging near the new packages when they arrive. This will catch the eye of any customer loyal to that brand and redirect their attention to the new design.