Key Flea & Tick Questions

When interviewed for the Focus on Flea and Tick that will appear in the February issue of Pet Business, Bayer HealthCare Animal Health’s Dan Peizer and Vet’s Best’s Mike Mockler both recommended pet store staff ask customers about their pets, their home and their lifestyle to help them decide which flea and tick product is the best fit for them. Below are some questions employees can use to make a good recommendation:

• Are you concerned about fleas and/or ticks? How about mosquitoes and flies?

• Have you seen any fleas or ticks (trying to get rid of an infestation), or are you pre-treating?

• Do you have a dog, a cat, or both?

• What products have you used in the past? Were you happy with the results?

• Does he or she come into contact with any other animals?

• How much does your pet weigh?

• Are you looking for a traditional flea and tick product, or an all-natural product?

• Has your pet ever had an allergic reaction to a product before? Does he or she have any allergies to particular chemicals?