Kitty Dipper
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KONG’s new Kitty Dipper gives an indoor cat the opportunity to release her inner tigress! The unique conical shape allows the toy to stand upright, so the cat can dip her paw into the cup and retrieve treats. The innovative design of the cup and cap also turns the Kitty Dipper into a treat dispenser, when the two are aligned to reveal the side opening that allows treats to fall out of the toy as it is tipped over and rolled. Additionally, the Kitty Dipper can be turned into a wobbling toy simply by putting the cap on the bottom of the toy. It’s ideal for use with all types of cat treats, including crunchy, semi-moist and pastes like KONG’s own Stuff’n Salmon Easy Treat, as well as canned cat food, kibble and tuna. A word of caution: When using the toy as a treat dispenser, cat owners should make sure the treats fit through the toy’s opening before giving the Dipper to their cat to avoid feline frustration!
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