Wapiti Debuts Cat Supplement Line

HAM LAKE, Minn.–Wapiti Labs, Inc., has expanded its nutritional supplement line to include products for cats. The brand of all-natural supplements features six different formulas, each developed for a distinctive need. The formulas include: Mobility with Elk Velvet Antler for joint and hip function, Longevity with Elk Velvet Antler for health and energy, Strength with Elk Velvet Antler for muscle tone and vitality, Chest Herbal Formula for respiratory congestion, G.I. Tract Herbal Formula for stomach discomfort, and Post Trauma Herbal Formula for healing and recovery.


The proprietary extraction and manufacturing process preserves key organic compounds and nutrients from elk velvet antler and herbal ingredients, producing a concentrated, nutrient-dense powder or liquid formula. Dosages can be controlled to meet the specific needs of cats by weight.


For more information, visit www.wapitilabsinc.com.