PetSafe Offers Lickety Stik Merchandising Kit

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.PetSafe has launched its Lickety Stik Big Dog promotion for its line of Lickety Stik liquid dog treats for pet specialty dealers nationwide.


“We’re not only creating a new dog treat category, we’re providing retailers with a complete tool kit of merchandising aids to help them ring up more sales,” said Tracey Quillin, category manager at PetSafe.
Retailers that place a minimal initial stocking order will receive a free floor display pre-stocked with 48 bottles, plus a sampling kit that includes a backpack, T-shirts, coupons, brochures and 50 samples. Retailers will also receive a loop video-player and a signage kit that contains posters, banners, a cash register counter mat, window signs and more.


PetSafe recently extended the treat line to include liquid treats for cats. The company reworked the design of the roller-ball dispenser, making it smaller and easier for a cat’s tongue to grip. Lickety Stik treats are available for cats in six flavors: Salmon, Tuna, Chicken, Turkey, Dairy and Beef.