Siblings Launch Against the Grain Food

WHEELING, Ill.–Twins Brett and Chelsea Sher—who have both been heavily involved at Evanger’s since their parents took over in 2003—launched Against the Grain, a line of grain-free dog and cat food in May.


After years of observing how Evanger’s food is made, Chelsea says she and her brother developed a passion for the pet food industry. “We became so diversified in everything from sourcing raw materials, production, sales, and meeting customers that we became very passionate about the products and people in the industry,” she says. “Once [my brother and I] started working together, we knew that we wanted to eventually make our own brand of pet food.”


Against the Grain uses fresh ingredients and is grain and gluten free. All of its meats are GMO and antibiotic free, and are sourced locally to the manufacturing plant. Its canned cat food uses fresh ocean-caught fish. Its canned dog food is manufactured at the Evanger’s factory. “We are lucky to have an ‘in’ with the Evanger’s plant because we wanted hand-made products and Evanger’s specializes in that,” Chelsea says.


Against the Grain is exclusive to pet specialty retailers and is available in a variety flavors for dogs and cats. Hand Pulled Dog Foods feature two flavors: Pulled Chicken with Gravy Dinner and Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner. Human Quality Cat Foods are available in seven flavors: Big Kahuna with Crab and Tilapia; Aloha Tuna with Seaweed and Crab; Shrimp Daddy with Tuna and Salmon; Bimini Brunch with Krill and Egg; Caribbean Club with Chicken and Cheese; Chicken and Pumpkin Samba; and Captain’s Catch with Sardine and Mackerel.


Chelsea says Against the Grain will strive to create unique formulas. “We are already working on our next line of cat products, and there are some really unique ingredients we’ve formulated,” she says. “We have learned so much from our parents, and retailers can expect that, like them, we will work tirelessly to deliver outstanding new products.”