Product Roundup: Oral Care

Twistix, from NPIC (, are highly palatable, twisted dental chews that help remove plaque and tartar through the action of chewing, which can also help freshen breath. The chews are low in fat and are wheat, corn and soy free. Twistix are available in three flavors: Vanilla Mint, Pumpkin Spice, and Peanut & Carob. The chews come in small and large sizes.













BREATH-LESS Plaque-Zapper, from Ark Naturals (, goes into a pet’s drinking water to help neutralize the pH level of saliva, deter the growth of bacteria, and control plaque, tartar and bad breath. One packet can be added to a pet’s drinking water daily and will last up to eight hours. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. BREATH-LESS Plaque-Zapper is made in the USA.














The Arm & Hammer Oral Care line, from Fetch (, includes the proper tools that pet owners need for at-home dental care of both dogs and cats. The products prevent build up, eliminate bad breath, and keep pet’s pearly whites in tip-top form. The line includes dental sprays, chews, toothpastes, tooth balm, toothbrushes and water additives. 
















PetzLife ( has updated the formula for its Oral Care product line. The Oral Care Spray, Oral Care Gel and Oral Care Gel with Salmon Oil are now available in 4-oz. bottles with new pumps and labels. Oral Care Spray is formulated with natural ingredients to end plaque and tartar build-up. The Oral Care Gel and Oral Care Gel with Salmon Oil can be used daily to remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill bacteria that causes bad breath. 













Doggie DentalAID ( enables users to hold floss with one hand while holding a dog’s mouth in the other, making it possible to floss dogs’ teeth. It is available in seven colors and comes prepackaged and ready to use with 50m Fido Floss. Fido Floss refills are sold separately. Doggie DentalAID is made in the USA.

Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel ( is made from 100-percent natural ingredients that fight periodontal disease. Using nature’s toothbrush—the tongue—the gel formula works deep into hard to reach places, providing complete oral care without the hassle of brushing.