Honoring Innovation
Pet Business celebrates the best that the pet care category has to offer with the 11th annual Industry Recognition Awards.


When discussing the ongoing success of the pet care market, even in the thick of a troubled economic climate, many industry observers are quick to point to the love that pet owners have for their companion animals as the primary driver of this trend—and rightfully so. Pets continue to enjoy a prominent position in today’s households, and consumers’ desire to provide a high level of care for these furred, finned and feathered family members has translated into strong sales in pet stores.

However, those in the know also understand the important role that product innovation has played in the consistent growth of the pet category. It is this innovation that enables pet store shoppers to find new and better ways to care for, and even spoil their beloved pets.

Each year, the Pet Business editors honor innovation in the pet care category with our Industry Recognition Awards (IRA). Now in its eleventh year, the IRA program has been expanded to include more products than ever, as each year we have found ourselves lamenting the many worthy products that were inevitably left out. To find our winners, the editors of Pet Business search through vendor press releases, the aisles of the industry’s major trade shows and even local pet store shelves to find the most exciting and functional products the industry has to offer.

Without further ado, the winners of the 2012 Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards are……










Kong—Wild Knots

Wild Knots are soft, plush squeaking toys with a knotted-rope interior that creates a mix of textures and chewing resistances. The knotted-rope interior makes them great tug and chew toys by absorbing the stress that pulling and tugging puts on the toys. Wild Knots come in four characters: Eagle, Cardinal, Toucan and Flamingo.










PrideBites—PrideBites Toys

PrideBites are durable chew and fetch toys that feature fun, vibrant designs. The toys are made with a double layer of Durabite fleece and foam stuffing, with squeakers encased in pouches for added safety. In addition to being available in a number of brightly colored characters, PrideBites can also be customized around a retailer’s branded logo.









Howard Keys—Disney Collars

Howard Keys has brought beloved and ageless Walt Disney characters into the pet store with its Disney collar and leash collection. The Disney collection features seven designs, including Princesses, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Skellington and Frankenweenie. The collars are available in three sizes: 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch and one inch.






SafetyGlo, a Product of LittleGifts, Inc.—SafetyGlo LED Collars

SafetyGlo LED Collars & Leashes, a product of LittleGifts, Inc., use the latest in LED technology to create a bright band of colorful light, making pets visible in the dark from far distances. What’s more, SafetyGlo products do not use disposable batteries. The rechargeable power packs can be refilled using a standard USB port or solar power.












SmartLeash—SmartLeash Retractable Leash
SmartLeash is the only retractable leash with an automatic brake. When a dog tries to run or lunge, the leash locks quickly and automatically, and it stays locked as long as the dog has tension on the leash. SmartLeash features a bright yellow reflective tape for high visibility, a rubberized grip and a convenient push-button manual brake.








Coastal Pet Products—Sublime Leash Collection
Coastal’s Sublime leashes have two-sided complementary patterns with unique hardware. They have a thicker 1.5-inch width and feature an accent pattern on the reverse side. Patterns include: Flowers Purple and Yellow, Flowers Birds and Stripes, Daisy and Dots, Oriental Flowers and Branches, Bones and Metal Plate, Guitar and Picks, and Surf Sun and Beach.










Fromm Family Foods—Fromm Gold Dry Recipes

Gold Dry Recipes take a holistic approach to complete and balanced canine nutrition. They are prepared in small batches with fresh ingredients delivered daily. Two new recipes were added this year: Fromm Weight Management Gold helps control calorie intake without sacrificing valuable nutrients; Fromm Small Breed Adult Gold is balanced for the small-breed dog’s metabolism.








Nature’s Variety—Instinct Raw Boost Kibble Dry Food

Instinct Raw Boost food combines a high-protein kibble and freeze-dried raw food. The freeze-dried raw pieces provide natural enzymes for digestive health, pure ingredients for optimal nutrition absorption, and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Instinct Raw Boost is grain and gluten free and does not contain chemical preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors.











Herbsmith—Smiling Dog Dry-Roasted & Freeze Dried Treats

Smiling Dog treats are made in the USA with simple, basic ingredients. They contain no fillers, grains or artificial preservatives. Smiling Dog Dry-Roasted Treats are available in six varieties: beef heart, beef liver, pork liver, chicken, duck and turkey. Smiling Dog Freeze Dried Treats are available in three varieties: chicken, beef and duck.






Stella & Chewy’s—Carnivore Crunch

All-natural Carnivore Crunch Treats are formed morsels that can be given whole as a training reward, or crumbled over food at meal times for added flavor and nutrition. They are made with raw, freeze-dried naturally raised meat, from USDA-inspected facilities. Carnivore Crunch Treats contain no grain, fillers, added hormones or antibiotics, artificial preservatives, colorings, sugar or salt.








Beefeaters Holding Company—BEEFEATERS Healthy Wraps

BEEFEATERS Healthy Wraps are all-natural delicious fruits/vegetables wrapped with real chicken. Two dog treats in one, the tasty combination satisfies a dog’s chewing needs and taste buds.






Loving Pets—Pure Buffalo

Pure Buffalo chews come in a variety of options: femur bones, femur knuckles, shoulder bones, bully sticks, paddy whacks, lung steaks and buffalo gourmet strips. Buffalo meat and bones boast a high proportion of protein, iron, minerals and fatty acids. The meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, so bones are less greasy.










Grizzly Pet Products—Joint Aid 4 Dogs Active Dog Formula

Grizzly Pet Products added the Active Dog Formula to its Joint Aid 4 Dogs line. The formula comes with higher inclusions of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which are supported with curcumin, glutamine and Oatinol. The Active Dog Formula is available in 10-oz. and 2-lb. packs that include a dosage scoop.







ProLabs—FLEX Rx

FLEX Rx manages joint health at the metabolic level, affecting specific metabolites such as arachidonic acid (AA), which contribute to joint deterioration. These pro-inflammatory AA metabolites have been found to play a critical role in the osteoarthritis process. FLEX Rx also provides a powerful antioxidant effect to help protect cells and cartilage from oxidative damage.










PawFlex Inc.—PawFlex Bandages

PawFlex Bandages are non-adhesive fur-friendly, super stretch all-in-one disposable bandages that are water resistant, breathable and maintain a comfortable natural fit. PawFlex has five bandage and cover designs available—PawFlex Basic, Joint, Bandage Cover/Protector, PawFlex Medimitt and Medimitt cover—each ideally created for a specific wound care area, with sizes XXXS to XL.








Cardinal Pet Care—Remedy + Recovery First Aid Line

The Remedy & Recovery line includes 12 products for minor injuries and emergencies—from wound care to ear mites.  Products include Liquid Bandage, Diarrhea Control, Wound Lotion, Pet Wormer, Ear Mite & Tick Control, Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs, Hydrocortisone Lotion, Medicated Shampoo, Medicated Antiseptic Spray, Medicated Hot Spot Spray and E-Collars.








Angels’ Eyes—Angels’ Eyes Shampoos & Conditioners

This year, Angels’ Eyes expanded on its popular line of anti-tear staining products with a complementary line of 16-oz. shampoos and conditioners. The line includes six products: Heartland Meadows Hypoallergenic Shampoo, Florida Sunrise Puppy Shampoo, Artic Blue Whitening Shampoo, Hawaiian Waterfall Moisturizing Shampoo, Southern Comfort Oatmeal Shampoo, and  Southern Comfort Oatmeal Conditioner.







Wahl Company—Wahl Natural Pet Shampoos

Wahl’s all-natural shampoos are formulated with natural plant ingredients to provide a thick lather that rinses clean and leaves the dog’s coat soft and fresh. Each formulation is designed for specific needs such as Shed Control, Odor Control, Puppy, Oatmeal for Itch Relief, 4 in One, and Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo.








Andis—Andis Home Grooming Line

Andis’ home-grooming line includes a flexible rake comb, pin brushes, slicker brushes, steel combs and a nail clipper. The steel combs feature both coarse and fine teeth. The flexible rake comb has spring-mounted teeth that rotate 360 degrees. The pin brushes’ pad design prevents its teeth from falling out. The slicker brush has an anti-slip, easy-grip handle.







Ryan’s Pet Supplies—Perfect Groom Professional Grooming Tools

Perfect Groom Professional Grooming Tools are ergonomic and durable. Designed with comfortable, non-slip grips and wide heads, they provide greater control and less hand fatigue. Line features include stainless steel pins, embedded rubber pins pads and beautiful retail packaging for display.
















Best Shot Pet Products—One Shot Dry Clean Spray
One Shot Dry Clean Spray is perfect for last minute touch-up jobs, travel stains, grass stains, unexpected urine or manure messes, and more. Simply spray on and towel off.  The pet’s coat is left clean and refreshed down to the skin. One Shot Dry Clean Spray is alcohol-free and fortified with aloe vera and special conditioners.







Fresh Dog—Dry Shampoo Powder

Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo Powder is an easy-to-use, 100-percent natural deodorizing powder. The user shakes the powder onto a dog’s coat, massages it into the fur and wipes away the excess. It has a lavender rosemary scent and is infused with essential oils. It is free of dyes, parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, surfactants and detergents.













Fetch—Arm & Hammer Advanced Pet Care
The Arm & Hammer Advanced Pet Care oral care line includes the tools owners need for at home dental care of both dogs and cats. The products prevent build-up, eliminate bad breath and keep pet’s pearly whites in tip-top form. The line includes dental sprays, chews, toothpastes, tooth balm, toothbrushes and water additives.






Natural Chemistry—Dental Cleanse

Dental Cleanse contains ingredients that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The pet owner adds a teaspoon of Dental Cleanse to eight ounces of the pet’s drinking water to attack bacteria, which will help prevent gingivitis, remove plaque and tartar, and freshen breath. Dental Cleanse is tasteless and odorless. It contains no chlorine, sweeteners or artificial colors.











QuickTag—Sport I.D. Tag Line

Quick-Tag’s officially licensed Sport I.D. Tag line includes over 150 major league team tags from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, as well as over 60 popular NCAA universities. The tags are made from high-quality brass and aluminum with a proprietary paint process that matches team logo and Pantone colors exactly.







PetHub—PetHub ID Tags

PetHub ID tags display a QR code that, when scanned with a smart phone, connects the user to the company’s 24/7 found-pet call center and emails the phone’s GPS location to the missing pet’s owner. An online pet profile can be used to update the owners’ contact information and communicate with pet care providers.








Kurgo—K9 Courier

The K9 Courier can be used as a shoulder tote bag, car booster seat or comfortable bed for on-the-go dogs. The bag securely attaches to car seats, providing pets with a booster seat and window view. It is made of durable, water-resistant material. The interior is lined with plush fleece that can be washed.








Coastal Pet Products—Travel Right! Seat Belt Safety Products

Travel Right! Seat Belt Safety Products include: the Travel Right! Seat Belt Safety Loop, a limited-freedom safety restraint; the Travel Right! Seat Belt Safety Anchor, a click-in-buckle design with an adjustable strap that controls a dog’s mobility; and the Travel Right! Seat Belt Safety Tether, which provides a maximum level of freedom for the dog.











Dynamic Accents—Highlander Gates

Highlander pet gates are made from poplar hardwood and feature double-acting hinges that allow for multiple layout options. This year, the company introduced a trendy, warm Artisan Bronze finish to its entire line. Artisan Bronze is an eco-friendly, water-based finish that joins Mahogany and Classic Black as core finish colors.






Carlson Pet Products—Combi-Crate

The Combi Crate is a multifunctional pet crate that converts from a crate to a pet barrier or play yard and folds down to a fraction of its size, with two wheels on the bottom for portability. It is available in multiple sizes and colors.












West Paw Design—Hemp Beds 
West Paw Design’s hemp beds are environmentally safe dog beds that are sewn in the USA and filled with 100-percent recycled IntelliLoft polyfill (recycled plastic bottles). The hemp beds are available in three of the company’s best-selling styles: Bumper Beds, Tuckered Out and Eco Drop. The beds are odor resistant and antimicrobial, and they resist mildew.







Buddy Rest—BuddyRest Orthopedic Memory Foam Beds

The BuddyRest Deluxe Orthopedic memory foam dog bed has a soft Crypton Super Fabric cover that is durable, hypoallergenic, 100-percent waterproof, easy to clean and chew resistant. Its True Comfort Memory foam relieves arthritic pain. It is sewn with military-grade Kevlar thread. It is made in the USA.








PetRageous Designs—PetRageous Apparel

PetRageous Designs is committed to making pet clothing in superior fabrics with a great fit. Dogs that wear PetRageous apparel are comfortable and can move freely, and every garment is easy to put on and take off. PetRageous offers coats, sweaters, hoodies and even pajamas for all kinds of climates.






Lux Pet Products—Reversible Fleece Coat

Lux Pet Products has introduced Reversible Double Layered Fleece Dog Coats. The coats are adjustable and are available in seven sizes. The reversible coats are available in four color combinations: Light Pink/Charcoal, Red/Charcoal, Hunters Orange/Charcoal and Royal Blue/Charcoal.










WalkaDog Inc.—WalkaDog Leash Trainer

The Walkadog Leash Trainer easily trains dogs of all sizes by limiting the dog’s ability to pull, get tangled or jump. The two-handed control lever extends ergonomically across the pet owner’s body at the hips and just over the back of the dog, where an adjustable leash-end attaches to the dog’s collar.







Paws Aboard–Monster Walker

The Monster Walker is the perfect leash for energetic pets over 20 lbs. It has a no-choke design, and gives control to the owner by gently squeezing the belly when the dog starts to pull. It is designed with an appropriate leash clip and metal D-ring, and a handle with a 2- to 4-ft. cord.







All Paw Pet Products LLC—Poogo Stick

The PoogoStick is a quick and easy way to clean up after pets. The PoogoStick’s design works by sliding underneath the waste and easily pushing it off into the PoogoPan. When an optional bag is inserted into the PoogoPan, pet waste is contained and ready to toss.







GCL Solutions Group—auggiedog

Auggiedog is a first-of-its-kind power tool that picks up dog waste with the push of a button.  It has a built-in light for late night walks, a handle beeper for dog training, a biodegradable cleaning solution, and hands-free clean station for cleaning and storage.











Kent Nutrition Group—By Nature Natural & Organic Food For Cats

By Nature Natural & Organic Foods for Cats are formulated to help support pets’ defenses against the effects of aging, illness and stress. By Nature Natural & Organic Cat Food offerings include: Natural Cat Food (dry), Entrees Cat Food (canned), Grain-Free Cat Food (canned), Artisan Recipes Cat Food (canned), Organic Cat Food (dry and canned).





Annamaet—Annamaet Grain Free Feline Chicken & Fish Formula

Annamaet Petfoods’ Grain Free Feline Chicken & Fish Formula is designed for all life stages. It is made with antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken and fish. It is high in protein and has menhaden fish oil, an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and cranberries to support urinary tract health.







Imperial Cat—Snack N Treat Cat Treats

Snack N Treat Cat Treats are available in Savory Shrimp, Yummy Chicken Bites and Tasty Tuna. The chicken, tuna and shrimp are all natural, so cat owners know their kitties are getting the nutrients essential for a healthy life. The treats come packaged in a resealable pouch, so the treats stay fresh.







Natural Balance—Perfect Bites Cat Treats

Perfect Bites Cat Treats are healthy, one-calorie semi-moist treats with a unique hexagon shape that works with a cat’s taste buds for ultimate flavor satisfaction. They are available in three premium varieties—rabbit, chicken or salmon—and do not contain corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors.








Bergan Products—Prudence Pet Supplements

The Prudence line of supplements includes two formulas for felines: Absolute Immune Health provides a synergistic blend of prebiotics and probiotics advanced with Hyperimmunized Egg to support and maintain a healthy immune system; Complete Skin & Coat contains krill oil to help neutralize free radicals, and omegas 3, 6 and 9 to bolster skin and coat tissue.







PureLife 4 Pets—PureLife 4 Pets Supplements

At PureLife 4PETS, ingredients matter. The company is committed to setting a new standard in pet supplements, manufacturing all of its products at facilities certified for production of human supplements. PureLife 4PETS supplements address the most important issues that can arise in a pet’s life. Formulations include Joint Mobility, Antioxidant Protection, Omega-3 Support and Immune Support.







Kittypod—Hemp Catnip Toys

Kittypod Hemp Catnip Toys are fashioned into Kittypod’s signature shapes and made of hemp canvas. Prewashed and sewn in Kittypod’s studio, these flexible toys are durable enough to withstand sharp teeth and claws. They feature KITTEA fill—organic catnip, hemp fiber and buckwheat hulls, a combination that attracts and stimulates play.








Snuggle Pet Products—SnuggleKitties

SnuggleKitties provide comfort and security to cats and kittens adjusting to a new home. They come complete with “real feel” heartbeat, two types of heat and a spot for a feeding bottle. SnuggleKitties are available in two varieties: Gray Tiger and Tan Tiger.










Espree Animal Products—Bright White Cat Shampoo

Espree’s Bright White Cat Shampoo has natural optical brighteners that remove dirt and stubborn stains. It has a pleasant floral scent and comes ready to use in a 12-oz. bottle.







Earthbath—Green Tea Cat Wipes

Earthbath Green Tea Leaf Cat Wipes safely and easily wipe away dander, dirt and residual saliva in a cat’s coat. Mild cleansers freshen and deodorize as the anti-oxidant properties of green tea leaf extract protect from environmental damage. Hawaiian Awapuhi conditions the coat and imparts a healthy shine while aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize coat and skin.







Pet Care Systems—Swheat Scoop Litters

The new packaging for Swheat Scoop natural wheat litter prominently calls out a new, improved formula that lasts twice as long, as well as product features such as fast-clumping and less tracking. The company has also introduced a new Lightly Scented formula to its lineup, which also includes Unscented Clumping and Unscented Multi-Cat varieties.







Pup-Pee Solutions/Pet Loo—Fresh Air Cat Litter

Fresh Air Litter eliminates fecal and urine odor, and odor-causing bacteria. Its patented Odor Eliminating Pad prevents bacteria growth and does not require the removal of clumps. It does not contain silica dust and contains proprietary syrup that coats the litter to minimize dust. Its granular size is developed to minimize tracking.










Automated Pet Care—Litter Robot

The Litter-Robot automatically rotates, and its patented litter sifting process gently separates the waste clumps and deposits them into a waste drawer lined with a plastic bag. Once the bag is full, pet owners simply open the waste drawer, pull out the bag and throw it away. The Litter-Robot works with any clumping or biodegradable litter.






Pioneer Pet Products—Big Mouth Litter Scoop

The Big Mouth Litter Scoop features a wide mouth, so cat owners can clean up their pets’ litter boxes in one pass. This stylish scoop can also be attached to the SmartCat Ultimate Litter Box for convenience. It is available in blue and green.










Solvit Products—Kitty’scape

The Kitty’scape play structure gives cat owners the ability to assemble components any way they choose to build a custom playground for their felines in minutes, with no tools. The Kitty’scape line includes three kits—Basic, Intermediate and Deluxe—as well as a variety of accessories, such as an Adjustable Scratching Tray, Penthouse Canopy and Adventure Bridge.





Cat Convertibles—The Cat Convertible Cabinet

The Cat Convertible Cabinet is a functional and stylish cabinet that converts into a kitty lounge with sisal cat-scratching wall and faux-fur cat bed. The lid slides back to reveal a secret perch with a cushy, elevated cat bed, and the side panels on the right of the cabinet open to expose the over-sized scratching surface.











Quaker Pet Group—SuperCat Catnip Line

Made in the USA, using Nano-Burst Technology, SuperCat products feature small bubbles of microencapsulated catnip that constantly release scent as they are broken when cats rub, scratch or buff the material, each lasting approximately six weeks. SuperCat products include: Catnip Crumples, Catnip Markers, Catnip Spray, Catnip Stickers and Catnip Caves.










Marshall Pet Products—Earth’s Balance 180XT Stain, Odor & Pheromone Remover

Earth’s Balance 180XT stain, odor and pheromone remover completely extracts pheromones, helping stop re-soiling habits common with household pets. 180XT is enzyme free and works in three easy steps: soak, scrub and blot the spot to eliminate a broad range of stains and odors. It can be used on upholstery, carpeting, multiple surfaces and most fabrics.







Tropiclean—Fresh Breeze Stain & Odor Remover

Fresh Breeze Professional Strength Stain & Odor Remover formulas deter pets from re-marking their accident spots with a habit-breaker formula. The line includes: 2X Carpet/All Floors, Hard Surface Floors, Crate & Kennel, Litter Pan and a Pad Penetrator for deep cleaning. The formulas use only 100-percent biodegradable ingredients and are made in the USA.







Sleepypod—Sleepypod Atom Carrier

Ergonomic and sleek, Sleepypod Atom fits below a wide range of airline seats and has seatbelt straps on two sides, allowing it to function as a safe car seat. Other features include a secure and durable mesh panel on three sides for better ventilation, ultra-plush removeable bedding, and top and side entries.









Petmate—Portion Right Food Dispenser

The Portion Right food dispenser makes it quick and simple to serve portioned meals that pets need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An easy-turn knob releases a quarter cup of food from its 10-lb. storage reservoir. The removable and washable bowl features fill lines indicating 2-, 4- and 6-cup increments.












Central Garden & Pet—Bio Spot Smart Shield Applicator

The new Bio Spot Smart Shield Applicator is a topical flea- and tick-control device that provides a more convenient and secure way to protect pets from fleas and ticks. It allows pet owners to get the fast-acting treatment down to the pet’s skin, while keeping the liquid off their hands.











Roudybush—Roudybush Rice Diet

Roudybush Rice Diet is a maintenance diet formulated from rice products, minerals and vitamins. It can be a powerful and easy tool to determine whether common destructive behaviors such as self mutilation or feather picking are caused by a food allergy. Rice Diet is available in Mini and Small size pellets for birds from budgies to macaws.











Marchioro USA—C-System Cages

Marchioro’s C-System enables large-bird and small-animal habitats to be collapsed down into a small footprint, for easy shipping and merchandising. For example, a cage that, when assembled, is 6 ft. x 4 ft. x 30 in. can fit in a box that is only 47 in. x 24 in. x 11 in., including accessories.











Caitec Corporation—Mastermind Foraging Devices

Mastermind Foraging Devices are designed for birds that require a more challenging foraging experience to avoid undesirable behaviors such as feather picking and excessive screeching. They stimulate birds to search for food, engaging them in a rewarding, healthy activity. The heart shape is made for small/medium birds, while the circle is designed for medium to large parrots.











North States Industries—Birdpods

Birdpods are sleek and simple birdfeeders/birdhouses that can provide food or shelter for wild birds year-round. They feature three threaded rods that allow for ideal placement; easy-to-clean, two-piece construction with clean-out cap; UV protection that keeps it from rotting, cracking or warping. An umbrella dome can be raised for greater access or lowered to prevent predator entry.












Supreme Pet Foods—Science Selective Diets

Science Selective Diets blend nutritional ingredients into tasty biscuits. The formulas are specifically designed for each species’ nutritional needs. The extruded biscuits are highly palatable, with zero added sugar. The herbivorous food is high in fiber. Diets are available for junior, adult and mature rabbits, as well as guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats, mice, ferrets and degus.





ZuPreem—Nature’s Promise Diets
ZuPreem reformulated its Nature’s Promise small animal food. Nature’s Promise Timothy Naturals pellets are available for adult rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Timothy Naturals pellets and Western Timothy Hay contain sun-cured timothy hay and are high in fiber for healthy digestion. The products do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.











Marshall Pet Products—Pop-N-Play Ball Pit for Ferrets

The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit provides a fun playtime for ferrets. It is portable and comes with 35 vibrant-colored plastic balls. It has two entry holes to fit the Marshall Super Thru-way—Marshall’s ferret tunnel—and a Velcro strap for securing to furniture. Extra ball packs are also available.











BioBubble Pets LLC—BioBubble Bungalows

The BioBubble Small Animal Habitat is perfect for hamsters and small rodents, offering a second deck with a hammock, ladder and exercise space. The bottom of the habitat can be filled with bedding for burrowing and is easy to clean. Pet owners can build multiple levels, safely reaching as high as a 6-ft tall habitat.







Panoramic Habitats—Panoramic
Pinnacle and Panoramic Plateau

Panoramic habitats are designed to replicate a rodent’s burrowing environment in the wild. A transparent top offers the perfect view as pets explore multiple levels. Both Panoramic homes include chew-proof, sure-footed treaded ramps, and odor-reducing design with ventilated rooftop, a water bottle and food dish.








BPV Environmental—Fresh News Small Animal Litter & Bedding

Fresh News Small Animal Bedding and Fresh News Small Animal Litter are made of 100-percent recycled paper. Both products use baking soda to eliminate odors and are biodegradable and compostable. Fresh News Small Animal Litter is 99-percent dust free, 100-percent non-allergenic, soft, absorbent, non-toxic, safe for all animals and is veterinarian recommended.







American Wood Fibers—Sludge-Free Bedding

American Wood Fibers has created a sludge-free paper bedding product, using a patent-pending process, which is being distributed through select private-label partners. The move reflects the company’s overall commitment to producing sludge-free bedding for small animals, including its Premier Pet and Pets Pick branded lines of natural aspen and pine bedding.













Super Pet—CritterTrail Food Dispenser
The CritterTrail Food Dispenser provides hamsters, gerbils and mice a sanitary supply of food and saves space by connecting directly to the CritterTrail habitat expansion port. It works with both seed and block diets, and is available in three colors: blue, green and yellow.











Oxbow Animal Health—Natural Science Supplements

The Natural Science line of hay-based herbal supplements for small animals features five formulas to target wellness in five common health categories. The supplements support customized feeding regimens. They are made with herbal ingredients and do not contain additives, preservatives or artificial colors.











Central Garden & Pet—Zilla Turtle Chasers

Zilla Turtle Chasers float and encourage aquatic turtles to chase them around the habitat. Treat time becomes playtime, and it is fascinating to watch turtles hunt down and nibble off bits until the entire morsel is devoured. Made with clam, this treat is naturally attractive and nutritious.











Penn-Plax—Reptology Tortoise Palace

The Reptology Tortoise Palace is ideal for smaller species, including Russian and Greek Tortoises, and box turtles. It features an adjustable light stand, wire top with locking hinges, a built-in hide area with an access door and a front glass viewing area.






Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.—Exo Terra Congo Rainforest Habitat Kit

The Exo Terra Congo Rainforest Habitat Kit provides small species of snakes, frogs, geckos and lizards with surroundings that are as close to their natural, wild habitats as possible. The kit includes a fully screened and ventilated glass terrarium, compact top terrarium canopy, spider orchid plant, jungle vines, large jungle fern, water dish, thermometer and hygrometer.











Mars Fishcare—Superior Nutrition by API

Superior Nutrition by API is a fish-meal free formula with premium ingredients for healthy, colorful fish and enhanced water quality. Many fish foods contain fish-meal, which contributes to the depletion of fish from the ocean. API only uses protein from sustainable sources, including polychaete worms, mussels and pea protein.











Central Garden & Pet—Aqueon Evolve LED Aquarium Kit

The Aqueon Evolve LED Aquarium Kit is made using fired acrylic construction, giving the aquarium a beautiful, seamless design. It features integrated QuietFlow Power Filter, Wet/Dry biological filtration, LED adjustable lighting with both daylight and moonlight, and Aquarium Set-Up and Care Guide. All filtration and cords are concealed behind the back overflow wall.











Aquatic Life—Expert Series 3W LED Light Fixtures
Aquatic Life’s Expert Series Fixtures use American-made Cree LEDs that produce high PAR with low energy consumption. Available in 14 in., 34 in. and 46 in., each fixture can be custom programmed using a PC and the included software.











Eshopps—Nano Skimmer

The Nano Skimmer is designed for nano hobbyists and is rated for aquariums ranging from 10 to 35 gallons. With a magnetic water level adjustment, wet or dry skimming is achieved by simply sliding the magnet up or down to adjust water level in the neck of the skimmer.











Python Products—Python No Spill Clean and Fill

The No Spill Clean and Fill aquarium maintenance system turns an hours-long messy job into a manageable task that is accomplished in minutes. The system consists of a standard faucet adapter with a water-activated pump, connected with a length of flexible tubing to a gravel tube—no buckets, siphons or tank teardowns are needed.











Tropical Science Biolabs—Fishkeeper

Fishkeeper natural, drug-free remedies for both freshwater and saltwater tanks treat and protect against viral illness, disease, ick, fin and tail rot, wounds, internal infection, and fungal infection of the eye, mouth and body. They promote endurance, strength, energy, alertness, brain function, the immune system, color and stress relief.


Cobalt Aquatics—Cobalt Pond Premium Koi Food

Cobalt Pond Premium Koi Foods use advanced research to take fish feeding into the 21st century. The naturally occurring probiotic strains of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis in a concentration of 1,000,000 CFU/g have been incorporated into every pellet, improving digestion and resulting in less waste in the pond.











Atlantic Water Gardens—Colorfalls Lighted Falls

The Atlantic Colorfalls System is easy to install and features built-in plumbing recesses, a pump chamber, complete access to the internal components, incredible strength, unmatched light output, and the ability to join multiple Colorfalls together to form one large, sheer fall. The system is available in solid colors, color changing, and four different sizes.