DaySmart Launches New Software

DaySmart Software, makers of 123Pet (, has introduced a suite of  products that makes it easier for salon owners to run business via computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. The new products include: Version 10 for Windows with Next Generation of Remote Access, enhanced free iPhone and Android apps, free 123Pet Cloud Lite and 123Pet Cloud premium subscription.


Version 10 has many features including the next generation of remote access, which allows pet salons to book appointments, check client info, close tickets, process credit cards, edit time blocks and more, from any phone, computer or mobile device. Google Calendar integration, the ability to text message clients directly, enhanced history, new business reports and new QuickBooks connect module are also new Windows features.


The Enhanced iPhone and Android apps enable salons to run their businesses remotely. The apps can book appointments, run reports, close tickets, process credit cards and email receipts. 


The free 123Pet Cloud Lite allows one employee to book appointments on a phone, tablet or mobile device without using a PC or Mac. The 123Pet Cloud Premium Subscription allows unlimited employees to book appointments, track clients, run reports, close tickets, process credit cards, email receipts, time blocks and do employee scheduling. It is web based and runs on any PC, Mac, iPhone, tablet or Android device.