Animals in Need in New York

For almost anyone in any segment of the pet care industry it is difficult to understand how pets become hopelessly orphaned and marooned in shelters with few prospects of ever being adopted into a loving family. But it happens—and often, it doesn’t end well.

Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast last October, separated hundreds of pets from their owners. Many were happily reunited, but too many were left without the comfort of a home. And as recently as Monday, there have been media reports that the temporary shelter at which these animals have been housed is running short on time. The Long Island, N.Y.-based shelter is closing on Friday, and dozens of pets will be transferred to the Nassau County SPCA.

Geographically speaking, most Pet Business readers will not realistically be able to help directly, however, anyone who does have the resources or space in their homes to help one of these pets can contact  the Nassau Emergency Pet Shelter at (516) 272-0017.