Sojos Rewards Customers, Retailers Through Program

Sojos has introduced a Frequent Buyer Program that aims to reward customers, pet specialty retailers and pet product distributors. The Frequent Buyer program allows customers to collect 12 proofs of purchase of any Sojos food and obtain a 13th bag free.

Retailers can participate in the program by contacting a local Sojos distributor who will supply the store with Frequent Buyer envelopes. Interested customers fill out the information section of the envelope and store employees keep envelopes in the store.

"For the next 12 bags of Sojos purchased, the customer or store clerk staples the proof of purchase to the receipt and places it in the envelope," explains Maggie Johnson, co-owner of Sojos. Customers can receive new envelopes once the program is completed. "Customers are rewarded for their continued purchasing of Sojos—it's a very easy way to earn a free bag of dog food.

"Retailers are rewarded because this program helps encourage customer loyalty. The envelope lives at the store, not with the customer."

The program is only available to stores that partner with Sojos' distributors. Johnson says retailers should contact their distributors to join.

Once a retailer joins the program, Johnson suggests getting organized and communicating the benefits of the program to customers through newsletters, sigsn or blogs. "Organize and train the staff to administer it," she says. "Envelopes get alphabetized and everyone should know where to locate them. Once an envelope is full, be prepared to honor the free bag."