Petlinks Introduces 17 Dog Toys

Petlinks, a Worldwise brand, has introduced 17 new toys designed to fulfill a specific need within the Petlinks System. The Petlinks System was designed to help educate consumers about the physical, emotional and instinctual needs of dogs, and make it easy for pet owners to choose products that meet those needs.

The new toys include: the Scents of Security collection, Bottle Buddy rubber collection, Bottle Buddy plush collection, Tricky Treater, Chewy Champ, Tug-Ables collection and the Squeaky Rascal collection.

"This is a great selection of toys that are designed to satisfy a range of instinctual needs, providing dogs with the kind of stimulation that they require to keep them happy and healthy," said Shannon McWilliams, vice president of product development at Worldwise. "And like all Petlinks products, these toys are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner."