Bendersky's Bling Goes Viral


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One of the grooming industry’s own is making quite a splash these days. Celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky, also known for his association with Forever Stainless Steel, is creating buzz with his body art for pooches.


Several media outlets, both nationally and abroad, have picked up on a story about Bendersky and his designer pet “tattoo” service that is catching on with his upscale New York City clients, and it has got people talking.


It is important to note that the tattoos are glue-and-glitter designs—no ink is being applied onto the skin, and thus Bendersky is far from the controversial figure who recently gained some notoriety by tattooing his dog with actual needle and ink. Bendersky’s gentle, temporary solution is to create designs using a little glue, colored glitter or rhinestones. 


Obviously, it is not a trend that will catch on with everyone—there are plenty of dog-lovers who shudder at the idea of blinging out these fun-loving creatures that love nothing more than to roll in dirt and sniff other dogs’ behinds. 


And yet, in other segments of the population, the pet humanization trend boldly marches on.  


As Bendersky is quoted as saying: “Dogs are like humans, and when they accessorize, they get attention. A pink dog does not know it's pink, but when people are smiling and taking pictures, it gets attention. So, a dog likes to get tattoos.”