Pet Industry Aids in Oklahoma Relief

Several pet-product manufacturers are stepping up to help those pets affected by the tornado that hit Moore, Okla., on Monday. ThunderWorks, Wondercide and Paw Pods are among some of the companies in the pet industry offering donations.

ThunderWorks donated nearly 100 ThunderShirts, a pet anxiety solution, to shelters including the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, the City of Moore Animal Shelter and the City of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division.


"We are committed to supporting the recovering efforts however we can," said Phil Blizzard, founder of ThunderShirt. "We've found that ThunderShirts can provide real relief as communities work to rebuild homes and routines for their pets."


Wondercide, a producer of organic pest control and natural products for pets and people, has donated its EVOLV flea and tick control to the Animal Resource Center in Oklahoma City to help 300 four-legged victims of the destructive tornado.


"When tragic events like Monday's twister occur, the devastation is felt by everyone in the family, including our pets," said Wondercide CEO Stephanie Boone. "We at Wondercide send our deepest condolences and appreciation for those assiting in the rescuing and rehabilitating of Moore."


EVOLV will provide rescued pets a natural, non-toxic flea and tick solution that can be administered topically to help prevent the spreading of fleas and ticks.


Paw Pods, a provider of eco-friendly pet burial systems to transport beloved pets to their final resting place, has received many donation requests, according to the company.


"The devastating loss of so many beloved family pets of this storm has truly saddened pet lovers across the country," said Ben Riggan, managing partner of Paw Pods. "We'll do whatever we can to help provide comfort and closure to the families grieving their loss, and trying to recover from the affects of this storm in general."