How to Take a Stress-Free Vacation

We all need a break from work once and a while. Taking a vacation or even just a few days off from work affords us the chance to decompress and rejuvenate. However, for many pet store owners, time away from the business may conjure feelings of anxiety and stress rather than the relaxation a vacation offers.

It’s vacation season, and while summer seems to be quickly passing by, pet store owners deserve a break too. Vacations help maintain work-life balance and can increase job performance and creativity post-trip. With that in mind, AdviCoach, a coaching and advisory service for businesses, compiled a few tips for business owners hoping to have a stress-free summer vacation:

Plan around slow periods and typical “non-business” days: Timing a vacation correctly allows a business owner to be more relaxed. Plan for vacations directly after the busiest times or during slower months.

Prepare your team: Employees have to be able to make the right decisions while the business owner is away. If an employee is assuming the owner’s role, let the employee take the lead at least a week before the vacation. It allows the employee to ask questions and gives the owner a sense of relief.

Tie off loose ends: Tying off loose ends before leaving town minimizes the number of emails and voicemails the owner will receive while out.

AdviCoach added that when entrepreneurs empower their staff, the staff is more productive when the boss is gone. What are you waiting for? It’s time to book that vacation.