Twitter Takes

Every month, Pet Business takes a look at some of the more notable social media posts from pet specialty retailers, and offers commentary on what we think makes these posts work. Here are three recent examples:



Why it works: A free toy-testing event seems like a great use of Abby’s Pet Place, a community room that Chuck & Don’s—Pet Business’ 2013 Retailer of the Year—established in a couple of its locations. Putting out an open invitation to customers via Twitter is sure to draw some curious pet owners, who will get a first-hand experience with some exciting new toys and a view of how committed this fast-growing chain is to its local pet communities.




Why it works: This tweet from Especially for Pets promotes the retailer’s charitable partnership with a local restaurant. Uno Chicago Grill is donating 20 percent of customers’ checks to the Especially for Pets Match 25 Rescue/Shelter Fund when they present a donation ticket from the Match 25 program. In addition, Especially for Pets is matching Uno Chicago Grill’s donations.




Why it works: The offer that B&B Pet Stop promoted in this social media post not only offered shoppers a great deal, it potentially put more pets in the homes of its customers, giving them even more reason to come back to the store.