Pets Adds Life Unveils "Wet Dog" Video

Pets Add Life (PAL), the American Pet Products Association's (APPA) non-profit public awareness campaign promoting the benefits of responsible pet ownership, has launched the next video in its series. "Wet Dog" is the newest video, produced by Andrew Grantham, featuring edited user-generated footage of pets moving their mouths.

"We are excited to launch another successful video within the series and are thrilled with the positive feedback it has already received," said Bob Vetere, APPA's president and CEO. "Not only are the videos entertaining and provide heart-warming laughs, but the key message behind them is what's truly important. Pets also need pals to talk to."

"Wet Dog" features a wet pup that isn't afraid to tell his owner how he feels about bath time.





"Dog Wants a Kitty" was the first video in the 2013 series that aims to promote and encourage multiple-pet ownership. PAL's YouTube channel has over five million views.