Nature's Variety Debuts Cat Food with Personality

Instinct, by Nature’s Variety, has expanded its cat food offering. The Pride by Instinct line was inspired by the vibrant, quirky and bold personalities of cats. The line brings high-quality nutrition and playful cat characters in 12 recipes.

“With this line we are focusing on the fun and playful nature cat parents appreciate, while still delivering the high-quality nutrition they demand for their cats,” Melissa Werges, Pride by Instinct's brand manager said. “It was important to us to create a variety of different textures and proteins that appeal to a wide range of cat palates.”

Made in the USA, Pride by Instinct is grain-free and available in six proteins: chicken, duck, lamb, rabbit, salmon and tuna. The food comes in 3- or 5.5-oz. canned flanked and minced varieties.

Pride by Instinct is available in the following canned varieties:

Flaked (thin cuts in savory gravy)
Champ’s Chicken Recipe
Lucky’s Lamb Recipe
Daredevil’s Duck Recipe
Rockstar’s Rabbit Recipe
Starlet’s Salmon Recipe
Trickster’s Tuna Recipe
Minced (ground bits in savory gravy)
Cheshire’s Chicken Recipe
Lovebug’s Lamb Recipe
Diva’s Duck Recipe
Ritzy’s Rabbit Recipe
Sherlock’s Salmon Recipe
Titan’s Tuna Recipe