Barkworthies Debuts Grillers Feast

Barkworthies has introduced All-Natural Grillers Feast. The line comes in a variety of options, including beef strap, pork scroll and jerky, and chicken wings and feet. Beef Strap is an all-natural beef treat that can be broken into appropriately sized pieces for dogs of any age. It ships in bundles of 20. Pork Scrolls and Jerky provide a high source of protein, while promoting healthy teeth and gums. Scroll ships as an 8 pack in cases of six, and the 2.5 oz. Jerky also ships in cases of six. Chicken Wings and Feet are crunchy chews that offer essential nutrients like calcium, glucosamine, and vitamins A and B6. The Wings ship in cases of six, and the Feet ship in cases of 100.