Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

The 31st of October will usher in the usual parade of ghosts, goblins, superheroes and princesses. And these days, there is absolutely no reason why furry four-legged creatures can’t join the fun.

Still, not every dog owner will find the perfect costume for their pet this year—and plenty of clothing-averse dogs will reject their owners’ attempts to corral them into participating in the masquerading antics of Halloween.

Retailers and groomers, on the other hand, can offer a technicolored alternative.




Photo Courtesy of PetPaint




In lieu of a formal costume, some pets and their owners may prefer to go with a splash and dash of color, and a sprinkling or more of glitter. There are several coat-coloring products and accessories on the market that inspired dog owners can use to make their dogs stand out. Meanwhile, groomers can offer creative Halloween-inspired looks as an add-on service. Either way, there are a plenty of products on the market that can generate any number of multi-hued effects. Here are a few to consider:


PetPaint is a non-toxic and veterinarian-approved aerosol paint for pups’ fur. It comes in an array of colors and is made with high-quality pigment that will show up on dark coats. While PetPaint can be used year-round, it’s particularly great for Halloween.









Bark Art Blow Pens, by Espree Animal Products, Inc., are creative, safe, non-toxic color pens for pet fur. The user just aims the pen and blows. It can also be used to spray a fine mist of color through stencils to create designs, or use it without stencils to create an original design.









Warren London’s Critter Color hair-coloring system for pets can be applied to the coat by hand (using a latex-glove) or a tint brush. The jar contents can also be used in a spray bottle or an airbrush system after it has been diluted by 25 percent. A low-heat source like a hair dryer will dry and set the color. Critter Color comes in eight colors and can be mixed together to create more colors.






Davis Glamour Glitter can add sparkle to a dog’s coat. Just spray a light mist of Davis Glitter Adhesive over the pet's coat, then sprinkle the glitter directly over the sprayed area. To set in place, spray lightly with the adhesive, or use Glamour Glitter with Davis Stencils, which come in a variety of seasonal designs. Glamour Glitter is safe for use on all pets and is easily washed or brushed out.