Friskies Honors Best Cat Videos

Cats have inarguably become the Internet’s biggest video stars. As such, Friskies, a Nestlé Purina cat food brand, honored camera-friendly cats and their owners at its second-annual The Friskies Award Show, which was held in New York City earlier this month.

After months of competition, Friskies awarded four category winners and a Fan Favorite with $5,000 cash prizes and gold-plated “Catuette” trophies. The coveted awards drew 2,400 video submissions, a 70-percent increase from last year’s competition—proving cats are continuing their quest for Internet domination.


The awards ceremony—which can be viewed online—was hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black and featured appearances by Friskies spokescat Grumpy Cat and cat-loving actress Angela Kinsey. Grumpy Cat also accepted the Lifetime Achievement award for Internet stardom.



Grumpy Cat spreads her grumpiness to host Michael Ian Black and actress Angela Kinsey. 




Winners of the best Internet cat videos of the year, from left, Alex Komechak, Joanne McGonagle, Melissa Thorpe and Robin Madigan, pose with their gold-plated Catuette trophies. Photos courtesy of John Minchillo/AP for Friskies. 




The winning videos featured cats caught on camera in a variety of entertaining situations and highlighted the curiosity and imagination unique to cats. The category winners are:

(Warning you may find yourself watching these videos over and over again. Sharing on your store’s social media page is encouraged. After all, who doesn’t love a cat video?)

Cat Comedy: “Cat vs. Printing Paper” starring Remy





Catventure: “The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure” starring Gracey





Rescue Cat: “Pancake the Kitten and His Doberman” starring Pancake. Pancake also took home the Fan Favorite honor.




Pursuit of Food or Treat: “We Love Squirrel” starring Eleanor



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