Adopting a New Approach

When I’m in a cab in Manhattan, I’m usually focused on the route the driver is taking or hoping and praying that I make it to Penn Station in time for my train. But recently, I was stuck in traffic in Times Square and, for once, I wasn’t in a rush. Amongst the bright lights and scrolling marquees I noticed a billboard with a large dog and the copy, “You don’t meet a girl like this out at the bars.” The ad was both eye catching and playful, and it got me thinking.

While sentimental advertisements certainly have their place, the Bideawee ads are a welcome change. At first, I was confused—dogs in advertisements are usually shown running through fields or chasing after a fluffy roll of toilet paper, but this dog looked far more metropolitan-chic set against the black background. Rather than being in motion, the dog looks well-kempt and calm – poised, really. The copy about not meeting “a girl like this out at the bars” plays on the idea of companionship (rather than pity, like some adoption ads).


Another billboard recently went up in Queens featuring a young girl cuddling a kitten with the copy, “Yes, we have a kids section.” A bit sweeter than the first billboard I saw, but not saccharine and the design is still clean and eye catching. This campaign is a great reminder of the fun, love and excitement that comes with adopting a pet.

For those of you who don’t know, Bideawee is a New York-based pet welfare organization that, according to their website, “cultivates and supports the life-long relationships between pets and the people who love them.” They have locations in Manhattan, Wantagh and Westhampton. In addition to adoption services, they operate two animal hospitals, a dog park and two pet memorial parks. They also offer pet owner education classes and pet training services as well as hosting community programs and special events.

Fun fact: Bideawee means “stay awhile” in Scottish; I certainly hope that these types of ads stick around. What do you think of them?