Horsing Around on Her Big Day

With the vast amount of the wedding shows on TV these days, you would think we’ve seen it all, but an article in the Daily Mail earlier this week suggest that, nay, we have not. When British couple Alex Wells and Graham Sales got married, the bride chose her horse, Toffee, as her maid of honor.

Toffee has been Wells’ pet for 13 years and the bride “events competitively on her thoroughbred” as well. By no means am I diminishing the bond that they must have, but when the article said that Wells, now Mrs. Sales, claimed to have asked the horse’s permission to get married, I started to get skeptical. 

If Wells had rode up to the ceremony on Toffee or thrown Graham on the back of the horse at the end and road off into the sunset (or the mist—this is England we’re talking about) I would’ve thought nothing of it; so where is the distinction? Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but does that mean that animals can fill other rolls normally designated to humans as well?

There are so many ways for animal lovers to include their pet on their special day; I’ve seen dog and cats handle the ring bearer and flower girl duties, photos of pets as table number cards and donations made to animal rescue organizations as favors. You can include your pet in engagement photos or pose for portraits with them on the big day. With all of these options, do you really need to make them an honor attendant as well?

How would you include your pet in your special day? Do you think that this bride went one hurdle too far?