Grumpy Cat Meets Grumpy the Dwarf

In a moment of Internet excellence Grumpy Cat met Grumpy the dwarf at Disneyland on Wednesday.

Over the course of the year, Tardar Sauce, as her owners affectionately refer to her, has made appearances on all of the major daytime talk shows, won a variety of awards, been the subject of a book and a calendar, and appeared on the cover of New York Magazine. So what’s a cat to do to celebrate? Take a trip to Disneyland, of course!

This video of Grumpy Cat at the Happiest Place on Earth shows her riding in the bed of the Main Street Fire Engine before meeting Grumpy in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, where the two loveable grumps seem to size each other up. In a show of reluctant friendship, the two head over to the Snow White Grotto. Grumpy the Dwarf throws a few coins into a wishing well while Grumpy Cat looks on.

@DisneyParks tweeted this picture of their meeting:

Grumpy Cat then ventures over to Toontown and runs into Pluto, who subsequently freaks out at the sight of her (I honestly can’t say that my reaction would be much different than Pluto’s—she’s a total celebrity). Grumpy Cat, on the other hand, looked less impressed than McKayla Maroney and Tommy Lee Jones combined. We say goodbye to Grumpy Cat as she yawns by the Red Car Trolley tracks.

Now if Grumpy Cat ever makes her way over to Sesame Street to meet Oscar the Grouch, the Internet might just implode.