You're Gonna Hear Them... Purr?

Just when I thought I couldn't hear Katy Perry’s hit single "Roar" one more time, Kate Davis and some playful felines came to the rescue. The indie singer/songwriter/bassist and her band mates performed a stripped down version of the tune at the HSNY Vladimir Horowitz / Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center of the Humane Society of New York.

Just as the two renditions of the song differ, so do the videos which promote them. Katy Perry’s high-budget production features the scantily-clad singer befriending a diverse group of jungle animals (monkeys and tigers and elephants, oh my!). Davis’ video features the band surrounded by a bunch of adorable (and adoptable) cats and kittens. The felines play in cat habitats, scamper across cushions, and grab at toys all the while enjoying the private concert. At one point Davis’ guitar player has a kitten perched atop his instrument and the two bounce along to the beat of the song. It’s as cute as the song is catchy.

Earlier this month we discussed Ralph Lauren’s "The Dog Walk" video which helped 10 lovable dogs find homes. Hopefully the cats in Davis’ video will be as lucky. Could this be the start of a trend in animal adoption?