Scouting New Talent on tubmlr

People like to do crazy things with their pets. If you thought cats wearing tights was impressive, meet Scout. An eight-year-old pit bull who was adopted from All Breed Canine Rescue in Canada, Scout is gaining notoriety for sitting patiently while his owners balance things like board games and paint cans on his head. Not wanting to hide Scout’s light under a bushel, in February of 2012 his owners created a tumblr called Stuff on Scout’s Head dedicated to their dog’s skill.

While the tumblr account doesn’t have specifics as to how his owners figured out that he had this ability, it’s clear by the sheer volume of posts that this is no fluke. Scout can balance items both small and large from food, to toys, to household items (like this one with a laptop with the tumblr pulled up, how very meta). He also dons costumes from time to time (judging by this photo, Scout is a fan of The Walking Dead and is very excited by the return of The Governor).

If you’re thinking that this seems a little unfair to Scout, rest assured that the patient pooch is rewarded with plenty of treats for sitting still for the photos. Scouts owners want visitors to their website to know that Scout is not hurt during the process and have assured them that the objects “are on his head for less than 20 seconds!” According to this post, Scout has never dropped anything, despite the various size, weight and tastiness of the items that have been placed on his head.

See Scout sit here.