Dun-CAN Lou Who

Thursday was a day to give thanks, but today is a day for that too. In fact, once you hear about Duncan Lou Who, you’ll realize that every day is a day to give thanks. Duncan is a Boxer puppy who, at 12 weeks old, underwent a major surgery to amputate his hind legs.

Duncan was born with an uncorrectable deformity in his rear legs and pelvis. Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue  made the difficult call to have them amputated. Based on this video of Duncan running around with other dogs that Panda Paws uploaded to their YouTube channel, it looks he is adjusting well.



Despite being able to walk on his own, Duncan will learn to use his custom wheelchair as well, so as to not put added strain on his spine. Another video on the Panda Paws YouTube channel shows Duncan participating in hydrotherapy, which—along with physical therapy and massage therapy—helps to keep his body in the best condition possible and to relieve the excess stressors on his joints, muscles and spine. Throughout the video, Duncan looks happy, calm and relaxed.

As we kick off the holiday season, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re anything like me, you might find yourself getting irate at someone in a mall parking lot or feeling cynical about the commercialization of the holidays, but at the heart of it all is hope.

Duncan Lou Who, thank you for the reminder and for the inspiration.

Panda Paws is a special needs canine rescue based out of Vancouver, Wash. You can follow the great work they’re doing on the Panda Paws Facebook page where they have been doing an incredible job of keeping their followers updated on Duncan’s journey.