Say Yes to the Shih Tzu

Just like marriage, pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. Thankfully, both relationships come with a lot of love to accompany the responsibility. In the wedding world, Randy Fenoli is a household name and the sassy star of Randy to the Rescue and Say Yes to the Dress who recently said “yes” to adopting a male Shih Tzu puppy named Pumpkin.

According to the Animal Planet website, Shih Tzus are “ tiny in size, but they're big on personality” making the breed a perfect match for the spunky Fenoli. Shih Tzu enthusiasts often boast about the breed’s positive traits—they are lively, outgoing and playful; however, the little guys can also be stubborn. Anyone who has watched Fenoli with a belligerent bride can attest to the fact that he can beat them at their own game, often to their benefit.

Fenoli already knows that the breed is a good match for him; in July he lost his dog of almost 15 years, a Shih Tzu named Maggie, to bladder cancer. He chronicled her battle on his Facebook page.

Back in October, the star stylist posted an announcement about the adoption to Facebook, accompanied by a photo. In his announcement about Pumpkin, Fenoli wrote, “I never thought I would get another dog after Maggie passed, but I recently realized that for 15 years she had brought so much joy into my life. Why wouldn't I want that again?”


Hundreds of fans commented on the picture after seeing Pumpkin for the first time. At just four ounces, the sleeping pup looks like he could fit in the palm of your hand. Fenoli acknowledged that he could have chosen to adopt a rescue pup, but he knew that he wanted a male Shih Tzu and he wanted to get him at a time when he wouldn’t be traveling a lot for work.

After the initial post, part of something Fenoli refers to as “My Favorite Thing Mondays,” he started posting updates on “Super Pumpkin Sundays,” complete with photos like this one of Pumpkin in a blue camouflage bowtie, and encourages fans to post photos of their “babies” with him. Fans flooded the comments section with pics of their own adorable pups.

Fenoli recently started sharing “aw”-inducing videos of Pumpkin with other dogs currently living with the breeder—Pumpkin and his playmates enjoy a blanket full of toys in the park (see below). Fenoli says he may rename the puppy after he picks him up in Florida in two weeks and gets to know his personality. While “Pumpkin” is certainly sweet, I’m thinking he’s going to need a name that’s a bit peppier, assuming he’s anything like his new owner.